2016 was a crazy year.  I managed to get a few trips out here and there through February and then it fizzled out again.  It also was, surprisingly, a good year or the comic.

The highlight, is that somehow and in some way, the comic ended up on the screen of David Brin, Hugo Award winning Sci-Fi author and futurist.  I was checking my analytics one day and noticed a handful of referrals from some random blog.  I traced the link back and checked out the page and found the following blurb:

Crowded Void, by Mike West offers one of the more unusual concepts. Finding Earth too crowded and people rather distasteful, Vincent Foxwell thought he could find peace when he took a job on a cargo vessel, hauling junk in space, with only an AI for company. Space turns out to be more crowded than he imagined…. when his spacecraft is swallowed by a massive space worm, where there is already an intestinal civilization of over a million humans and aliens, jockeying for position in the worm’s digestive cycle. He must find a way to escape… before digestion is complete. But first he must deal with the The Joint Intestinal Monarchy, which controls the worm, harvesting parts from spaceships. No end of good material for humor… a new theory of wormholes?


Once I looked up this David Brin guy was and found that he had written works such as “The Postman,” I was all kinds of humbled.  He’s probably the most prestigious person I’ve had read the comic so far and his comments seemed pretty favorable to me. Thank you sir for that (should you find your way back here sometime).

In other news, I knocked out my Bachelors in Graphic Design and Media Arts as part of a long term plan to separate from Active military  service. Finishing the year off, I had another kid, a beautiful little girl.  So it wasn’t a terrible year at all (despite what the internet seems to want me to believe).

Now, once again it is time for my normal mantra “There is more coming, I promise.”

But this time, I’m for reals.  4 of the 16 comics I have in a buffer have started going through the coloring process.  My day-job just doesn’t let up at all, and I have largely put family life first over the past few months in preparation for the arrival of my baby girl.

The good news is I have a good amount of paternity leave saved up which gives me time to work on the comic.  My goal is to have a majority of the 16 strips colored and ready to post by mid January.

The down side is that the fight for time to allocate to the comic won’t be easy.  I’ll be fighting Portuguese classes until mid-February and then roll into an Air Force Distance Learning course which will take a few weeks.  After that I’ll be hunting for graphic design internships as I  prepare to transition to civilian life in the not so distant future.

Crowded Void is a story I want to tell and it bugs me that I can’t get the needed time to focus on it.  Updates will be slow coming, but they are coming.  I promise.