So long ago when I was living with my sister and her husband, I started playing Fable on the original X-Box.  I found it fascinating and made it a good way into the game.  A few months later I moved out.  Eventually, I picked it up on PC.  Enjoyed the beginning of it again, and figuring it out on PC.   Got a good chunk into the game, but got bored with it because I was simply rehashing stuff I’d done before.  I tried picking it up 3 or 4 other times but I would get bored with it faster and faster.  I just didn’t have the motivation to go through the rest of it.  I didn’t want to play Fable 2 or even 3 because I never finished the first one.

Why am I telling you this?

I graduated school nearly a month ago and was convinced I could start working on rebooting Crowded Void.  I started lookign at a new CMS for the webstie and I penciled the first few strips and made them more visually consistent with the later strips.  I’m pleased with how they turned out but I found myself having a hard time getting motivation to do it.  (Though I do give Battlefront’s Bespin DLC some of the blame).

Then, one day I was doodling some characters from my comic at work during a meeting and realized how to push the story forward and found myself wanting to go home and start penciling out the comic.  That struck a note with me. The contrast in my motivation and attitude between the rebooted strips and continuing the story was stark enough that I had to start debating how I wanted to proceed.

In short, I think, for now, I’m going to keep pushing story forward.  That means it is still a few weeks out as I try and build up a buffer and get into a routine colored strips.  In short, no reboot as of yet.  I’m going to keep pushing the buffer forward so I can get the story rolling again.  I’ll have to just go back and resolve things like the uncolored strips or redoing the first 12 strips at a later date.

As always, stay tuned for more!