I really need to update this more regularly.  Seems that when life free’s up in one area it gets busy in another.  I got nothing done on the comic over the last two weeks beyond sketching out characters to try and get the faces right for some of them.  For now, that’s all I seem to have time to do.  It all serves as part of the grand plan I mentioned before about rebooting the comic.  I’ve decided I am going to do it and every now and then I’ve allocated some brain-bytes to it.  I have a few more to do to finish this current story line.   I’ll try and time that with the completion of the two college classes I start tomorrow….

The last two classes…

The end of the biggest time-leech over the past year and a half….

Seriously…that is going to be a great day when I can put school behind me for a time and just focus on the comic.  I’ll still be taking graphic design projects on the side and doing other art, but by rebooting the comic, I’ll get a full 6 months of a buffer with 3 posts a week.  I know that will go fast but I’ll definitely figure out some sort of routine to ensure I keep up with it.

Either way, I’m rambling in a “I really don’t feel like going to bed way” right now mode and I know there are a very small number of people who would even see this.  It does help me organize my thoughts though.  So if you’re reading this, thanks for sticking with this comic through all the ups and downs as well as the ramblings.

In the mean time, I think I’ll probably jot up reviews on things like Season 1 and 2 of Arrow, comic books I’ve read, and so on. So stay tuned.  I’ll come up with something to fill up this blog at least!