First off, Crowded Void was featured showcased on a colleague’s site called Rumble Report.  Go check it out!

Alright, I hinted on Twitter the other night that I was considering some changes to how I foresee the comic progressing throughout the remainder of 2016 and beyond.  A lot of it was driven by the fact that despite only being around for 2.5 years or so, I only have about 80 strips total due to the frequent hiatus periods and infrequent updates.  The updates have really lacked the routine updates that help build an audience and draw in a reader.  I’ve also learned a lot over the course of the 2.5 years and wish I could go back and update the earlier comics to match the look of the more recent ones.  (At least Chapter 1).

All in all, I’m strongly considering rebooting the comic to an extent.  With all the strips I have that would give me a 6 month buffer at 3 updates a week.  If I started it when I complete my degree in the end of May, then that would give me the better part of this year to devote to the comic and get in a good routine figured out.   I could then redo the earlier ones in preparation, have time to color the black and white ones, and work on new ones easily.  The steady rhythm will help draw in a more steady readership.  All in all, I think it will be a good move for the comic.  On top of that, I’d have a window for what readers I do have here, to register and create accounts keeping them with access to the entire library (and an advanced look on comics as I post them) as a reward for your faithful readership until now.

I’m still working out the details.  There’s the timeline piece of it as well as the technical side of isolating a few readers to have full comic access.  Expect more in the months to come as I brain this out some more.