So back in January I finally dove into the world of collecting comic books, with a primary focus on the new Star Wars stories that are part of the new, post-George Lucas era canon.  Sufficed to say, these are phenomenal story lines.  Darth Vader and Star Wars are the two continuing story lines that are set between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.  The Star Wars line covers the main characters that everyone knows and loves while Darth Vader follows with his adventures after losing the Death Star at Yavin and seeks out the identity of the force-sensitive pilot who blew up the Emperor’s beloved space station.

The writing is impressive, and the artwork really captures the look an feel of Star Wars, even embracing minor characters from the old Expanded Universe, like Boba Fett or the bounty hunter Dengar.  Even more impressive is when you read the two story lines at the same time and that awesome Marvel-level continuity manifests.  By the end of each story line’s issue 6 they merge just briefly in a way that gave me chills and gives an incredible depth to lines uttered by the characters in Empire Strikes Back.  It also treads new water, providing opportunities to introduce incredible characters like Aphra, who becomes Darth Vader’s associate in his personal journey to find Luke and even Han Solo’s wife (not Leia).

These two lines also have their first official cross-over event currently being published, where these two lines meet in an epic clash that gave me numerous “punch-the-air” moments as well as awesome laughs.   I highly recommend these storylines, especially since the trade paper-backs are out, so you can get them for cheap.