So a week or two ago I finally could afford new web hosting space.  I made the decision to do so because I needed to share some photography from my recent class with a customer who helped me with the project.   That, coupled with the web design class I am starting in a few days, I felt I could try this again.  Classes are winding to an end in the next few months so hopefully when the year is up, I can afford to renew the hosting fees with this host.

The downside, is that I was unable to save the old WordPress site and theme so I have to re-post all the archive again.  Hopefully, I can get it done over the next few days.  The only reason I’m doing it now is I remove the nib from my Motion Computing drawing tablet so I can’t actually draw and finish up the comic that should have posted today.  I’m also working on what will probably be my personal graphic designer portfolio website to accompany this one.

I’ve posted the most recent image, for now and will  continue working on the other aspects of this site and getting it to a point where I coast for a while.  You may also know that I posted the new logo I created for the site.  I like it and think it works.

In the mean time, if you’re looking for the older comics, the ComicFury mirror is still live at